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Leading aseptic medical packaging innovation and development, DuPont and other industry giants gathered in Shanghai Medtec China Exhibition in September

2020/3/20 17:04:48
The rapid development of medical industry has put forward higher and higher requirements for the performance of microbial barrier, aseptic state, duration of maintenance, safe opening and use of aseptic packaging. As a China leader focused on the design and development of medical equipment, raw materials, spare parts, processing technology and manufacturing services exhibition, Medtec China exhibition has been committed to build a medical device manufacturing research platform, and promote the medical equipment industry chain optimization to provide quality resources. This year, DuPont China, which is the benchmark for the aseptic packaging industry, will continue to participate in the 2017Medtec China Exhibition in September at the Shanghai World Expo exhibition hall and hold the 50th anniversary celebration ceremony. DuPont "Tyvek" in the application of sterile medical packaging industry has more than 40 years, provides the best balance in its anti microbial penetration, tearing strength, puncture resistance and clean peeling, and is compatible with existing and emerging variety of aseptic method. Click on the register immediately to become an audience and visit the grand occasion. Medtec logo in addition to DuPont China exhibition will showcase innovative medical protective materials, in the 2017Medtec China exhibition site Carle Tolley, Amcor, penta, Lemo, Bi Rui industry leader will also join Medtec to bring a variety of high quality and innovative services for everyone. Lemo is one of the world's largest manufacturer of flexible packaging products, with annual sales of more than $5 billion, business mainly covers the sterilization of medical packaging and pharmaceutical packaging, through continuous innovation, improve and perfect the industry to meet the complex medical and pharmaceutical packaging demand. Carle Tory (Suzhou) Mstar Technology Ltd is a legal company specializing in plastic packaging. The company R & D, production of various kinds of Gao Jie barrier height medical packaging materials, high precision, high performance protective eco industrial pallet packaging boxes and various types of sealing machine etc.. Huizhou baobai Packing Co., Ltd. was founded in 1992, is AMCOR in Chinese mainland joint venture subsidiary company, the production of medical plastic film packaging materials, paper products packaging materials and corresponding small packaging machinery manufacturing. For more information on medical packaging, exhibitor information is available on the official website: 2016Medtec Chinese exhibition meeting site by aseptic packaging of medical device manufacturers concerned Medtec China Exhibition Conference - Technology Innovation Forum and the summit will also be 2017 regulations of medical device packaging and sterilization technology as the theme of academic discussion and practice sharing. The topic of the meeting first exposure: packaging standard system China sterile medical devices and medical equipment production quality compliance; the requirement for packing, aseptic packaging process validation, verification and evaluation method; effect of sterilization technology of different medical packaging materials for microbial barrier properties; ring technique and process of confirmation of ethylene oxide sterilization, look forward to your meeting free join