A synthetic Research Scope:
1. Functional materials and intermediates
2. APIs and intermediates (GMP)
3. The raw materials of the cosmetic and the additives
4. The raw materials of health food 
5. The library of active compounds 
6. Special chemical reagents



The quantity of the order:

 We can accept any different quantity of order from mg or ml to tons.


Our confidence from:
The company has excellent environment of research and development. The company is not only equipped with advanced facilities in organic synthesis and also a group of excellent scientific research personnel, most of them with higher degrees, and also many years experience in organic synthesis. Therefore, we have the strong capability of producing what you order timely with the quality guaranteed to make you satisfied.


We will provide you with accurate quotation of the products in 24 to 48 hours.


On the premise of the consideration of the budget of your R&D, we will try our best to meet the demand of your experiment with the most preferential price. If you are interested in our services, please feel free to contact us.


Analysis of data:
Products will be enclosed the inspection report, including: HPLC or GC, HNMR, MS spectra and synthesis reports. If you have other requirement, feel free to tell us.


Confidential agreement:
​When provide service for you, whether in the form of a confidential agreement, we will keep the promise between us; If necessary, also provide you with special confidential agreement.