Photochromic material refers to a type of material that can change color after being excited by a UV light. It was first used in commercial products in the 1960s. American scientists Amistead and Stooky from Corning Studio discovered the reversible photochromic properties of silver halide (AgX) glass.

After that, people have done a lot of research on its mechanism and application and developed color-changing glasses. However, due to its high cost and complex processing technology, it is not suitable for making large-area light-colored glass, which limits its commercial application in the field of construction at this moment.

Photochromism means some material will change it's Original color under the action by the light by changing of the molecular structure, which leads to a corresponding change in the absorption peak of light, and this change is generally reversible. 

Dieckmann has concentrated on researching and developing a series of photochromic materials for almost 10 years, and we have developed a series of the Photochromism  material powder, such as: Purple powder, Green powder, Membrane change Green Powder,  Tea-Yellow powder, Tea-Red Powder, Sky Blue powder etc. with stable quality, fast discoloration within 15 seconds, and most  competitive price in the market.

Photochromic Material