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Customized Service 
          Dieckmann offers a full range of service in custom organic synthesis are tailored to each project of your development. Dieckmann's chemists are skilled at performing complex, multi-steps synthesis and solving difficult chemistry-related problems. If your problem is chemistry specific or in related areas such as raw materials can not be find or the quantities is not enough for supporting your further development or meeting the market requirement, please feel free to contact with us, we are able to offer prompt quotation, very competitive prices, high quality products and fast delivery. 
Content of service
Small to large projects
Synthetic route development and optimisation
Extraction of plant
Scale-up to the required quantity
Exclusivity if required
Full analytical support
Manufacture to customers process and specification
Respect for confidentiality agreements and intellectual property
Projects can be based on full-time equivalents or daily rates.
  Cooperating with us, Moving your development forward
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