Nervonic acid

Nervonic acid

Chinese name :神经酸
Synonym :Nervonic acid;cis-15-Tetracosenoic acid;Selacholeic acid;
Product ID:PR0145989
CAS NO.:506-37-6
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Nervonic Acid

Introduction :
Nervonic acid has been found in breast-milk,There is richamount of it in the brain and nervous tissues, it is a new generation of health care products additive and an essential nutrient for the growth and maintenance of the brain,It is recognized as the first and only double magic  material in the world,which can repair the damaged brain nerve pathway-nerve fibers, promote the regeneration of  nerve cells,treat genetic disorders of the lipid metabolism,control the levels of calcium of the cytosol and it is said  it can speed the development in infants, It is the reason why it is recommended to pregnant and nursing women.
Functions of Nervonic acid :
Regulate the function of brain cell membranes and have a neuroprotective effect
2. Beneficial for the treatment of genetic disorders of the lipid metabolism
Plays an important role in the control of the levels of calcium of the cytosol
4. Beneficial for the demyelinating diseases
Used as a biomarker to predict who will suffer some psychoses
6. An indicator of future neurodevelopmental disorders in male baby whose mother has preeclampsia
7. We can use the presence of nervonic acid (together with heneicosylic acid and docosahexaenoic acid) as biomarkers of aging lens  

Capsule/tablet, Dietary supplement, Energy drink

The recommended dosage:
0.25g per 60kg of body weight per day

Packing :
1kg per Foil Bag

Shelf Life :
2 years under RT .

Warm Tip:
Our products are belong to semi-finished raw materials, they are only sold to manufacturer of food , beverage, cosmetic with related qualifications or related circulation companies, not for personal sales or direct consumption.

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