Ceramide Series

Ceramide Series

Chinese name :神经酰胺系列
Synonym :Ceramide; Dihydroceramide;Phytoceramide
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Ceramide Series
Ceramides,widely present in the mammalian organism are known to be involved in various functions.
However natural sources permitted to supply ceramides are very limited.Restrictions based on the cost,or technically on its purity are a real obstacle.therefore,the idea of synthesizing ceramides has been the subject of many researches,However use of conventional chemistry only lead to mixtures of ceramides stereoisomers.

Function of Ceramide:
1. Protect the cell surface against harmful environmental factors by forming an intercellular lipid layer, which have the advantage of mechanically stable and chemically resistant.
2. Widely applied in cosmetics as skin moisturizer and for tissue reparation.

R represent different
carbon chain.
R represent different
carbon chain
R represent different
carbon chain
Ceramide 1 (Cer EOS),
Ceramide 2 (Cer NS),
Nervonic Ceramide (C24:1 Ceramide)
Ceramide 5(Cer AS)
  Ceramide 3(Cer NP)
Ceramide 3A;Ceramide 3B
Ceramide 3C
Ceramide 6 (Cer AP)
Ceramide 9 (Cer EOP)
It is active ingredients for cosmetic products of Moisturizing, anti-aging, anti-wrinkle.


The advantage of Dieckmann company
Dieckmann have a mature manufacturing process for a series of Ceramide and can obtain the pure enantiomer with cutting-edge asymmetric isomerization technologies. we can produce the specific structure Ceramide products according to your requirement.

Warm Tip:
Our products are belong to semi-finished raw materials, they are only sold to manufacturers of food , beverage, cosmetic with related qualifications or related circulation companies, not for personal sales or direct consumption.