Ethyl Vanillin Glucoside


English Name: Ethyl Vanillin Glucoside
Product ID: PR0146003
CAS No.: 122397-96-0
Formula: C15H20O8
Weight: 328.3145



Ethyl vanillin glucoside is derivative of ethyl vanillin, Which is about three times as potent as vanillin and used in the production of chocolate industry. As a kind of Latent aroma substance, it has a little milk fragrance, which can Improve the quality of cigarette smoke.

Structural Formula:
Physical status: Solid
Color: White
Odour: Little milk fragrance

The Key Advantage of Ethyl Vanillin Glucoside from Dieckmann:

  • Highly pure:>99.5%
  • With little milk fragrance
  • Soluble in water, soluble slightly in ethanol, Propylene glycol,Glycerol, Triacetin
  • Continuous and reliable supply

Ethyl vanillin glucoside has been assessed by the flavor extract and manufacturers association (FEMA) to allow to use as flavor in the food and tobacco industry. 
Keep container tightly closed under nitrogen or argon and store at RT for long-term shelf life
Product Data:

HPLC >99.5% 99.948%
HNMR   Confirmed
Melt Point 203.5-204.5℃  203.8-204.1℃ 
Moisture Content <0.5% 0.49%
character White or Light yellow powder Confirmed
Solvent Solvent under RT OF 25℃ Solvent after heated
Water Easy Soluble Easy Soluble
Etanol Slightly Soluble Easy Soluble at 40-50℃
Propylene Glycol Slightly Soluble Easy Soluble at 50-60℃
Glycerol Slightly Soluble Slightly Soluble at 60-70℃
Triacetin  Slightly Soluble Slightly Soluble at 60-70℃
Conclusion: Conforms to the Enterprise Standard

Other Advantages:
Dieckmann company is a leading manufacturer in the field of glucosides, especially be good at the preparation of glucosides with different genin or aglycone. Dieckmann have completed a series of glucoside, hope we can move your glucoside industry forward.

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