Cyclotene Glucoside


 English name: Cyclotene glucoside
Synonym: Methyl cyclopentenolone glucoside; 3-Methyl-2-cyclopentenon-2-ol β-D-glucopyranoside 
Product ID: PR0146004

Physical status: Solid
Color: Brown Red

Methyl cyclopentenolone glucoside is a kind of Latent aroma substance be used as flavor in the food and tobacco industry. And with ability of Improve the quality of cigarette smoke.
The Key Advantage of Cyclotene glucoside from Dieckmann are:

  • Highly pure: >99.00%.
  • With little caramel flavor.
  • Soluble in water, soluble slightly in ethanol, Propylene Glycol, Glycerol, Triacetin.
  • Continuous and reliable supply.
  • Sole producer in China so far.


Keep container tightly closed and avoid moisture, store at RT for long-term shelf life.
Product Data

English Name

Cyclotene glucoside

Date of   manufacture

CAS 122397-96-0 M.F                                        C12H18O7
Batch No Dkm20180806 M.W 274.27
Examination Standard Enterprise Standard
HPLC >98% 99.908%
HNMR   Confirmed
Melt Point 110-130℃  119.1-123.3℃ 
Moisture Content <1% 0.5%
character Brown-red powder Confirmed
Solvent Solvent under RT OF 25℃ Solvent after heated
Water Easy Soluble Easy Soluble
Etanol  Slightly Soluble Easy Soluble at 40-50℃
Propylene Glycol Slightly Soluble Easy Soluble at 50-60℃
Glycerol Slightly Soluble Slightly Soluble at 60-70℃
Triacetin Slightly Soluble Slightly Soluble at 60-70℃
Conclusion: Conforms to the Enterprise Standard
Remarks: With High purity, more than the standard

Other advantage:
Dieckmann company is a leading manufacturer in the field of glucosides, especially be good at the preparation of glucosides with different genin or aglycone. Dieckmann have completed a series of glucoside, hope we can move your glucoside industry forward.

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Warm Tips:
Our products are belong to semifinished raw materials, they are only sold to manufacturer of food , beverage, cosmetic with related qualifications or related circulation companies, not for personal sales or direct consumption.


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