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Personal care active ingredients

Dieckmann focus on the R&D of active ingredients for cosmetics and health foods,which has been become our core business , we have many years of experience in the design and preparation of active ingredients for cosmetic and health tonics , and have long time been devoting ourselves to developing self-owned technologies, especially in the leading synthesis and extract technology . Besides, we can provide CRO service to meet all customers requirement.
Sphingoid series
used for cosmetic emollients, skin conditioners
Sphingosine Dihydrosphingosine Phytosphingosine
Dieckmann company is leading manufacturing factory can produce Sphingoid series with the pure enantiomer.

Ceramide Series
Function of Ceramide:
1. protect the cell surface against harmful environmental factors by forming an intercellular lipid layer, mechanically stable and chemically resistant.
2. Widely applied in cosmetics as skin moisturizer and for tissue reparation,
Ceramide Dihydroceramide Phytoceramide
With sphingosine as the backbone, it can through the amide bond with different fatty alcohol. With Dihydrosphingosine as the backbone, it can through the amide bond with different fatty alcohol With Phytosphingosine as the backbone,It can through the amide bond with different fatty alcohol
Ceramide 1 (Cer EOS),
Ceramide 2 (Cer NS),
Nervonic Ceramide (C24:1 Ceramide)
Ceramide 5(Cer AS)
  Ceramide 3(Cer NP)
Ceramide 3A;Ceramide 3B
Ceramide 3C
Ceramide 6 (Cer AP)
Ceramide 9 (Cer EOP)
Application:It is active ingredients for comestic products of Moisturizing, anti-aging, anti-wrinkle.
Nervonic Ceramide Phytoceramide Pseudo-ceramide H
CAS:54164-50-0   CAS: 149591-38-8
Pseudo-ceramide H is used as skin and hair moisturizer and active pharmaceutical ingredients.
10597-60-1 Hydroxytyrosol

Appearance:yellow liquid
hydroxytyrosol is one of the key active ingredients in the olive that is largely responsible for the olive's tremendous health benefits. Hydroxytyrosol is a natural phytochemical with the highest antioxidant properties discovered to date.
Hydroxytyrosol has an ORAC value (Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity - its ability to absorb cell-damaging free radicals) of 68,576 - which is considered to be 15 times higher than green tea and 3 times higher than CoQ10.
A small molecule rapidly absorbed into the bloodstream and tissues, hydroxytyrosol is also able to cross the blood-brain barrier, supporting systemic defense against free radical damage

MF: C8H10ClNO2
MW: 187.04
Octopamine is an organic chemical closely related to norepinephrine. In many types of invertebrates it functions as a neurotransmitter. It has also occasionally been used in medicine as a drug and and potential weight loss agent..
Octopamine causing the breakdown of fat cells in the body. This is effected by mobilization of the release of fat from adipocytes (or fat cells). This has, of course, given rise to the investigation of this supplement as a slimming and potential weight loss agent.
Octopamine also works by acting as a neurohormone, neuromodulator, and even as a neurotransmitter in the human body. It appears to work by affecting and modulating both the noradrenaline (norepinephrine) and the Dopamine systems within the brain.
53936-56-4 Deoxyarbutin

Appearance: white solid
Deoxyarbutin is a new generation of cosmetics bright skin whitening agent, mainly used for advanced whitening cosmetics, it can effectively inhibit tyrosinase activity, regulate the production of melanin, overcome the pigmentation, fade skin black spot, with fast and lasting skin whitening effect. Deoxyarbutin also has strong antioxidant effect. Deoxyarbutin on tyrosinase inhibitory effect is superior to other whitening agent, whitening effect is arbutin 350 times, 150 times of kojic acid, hydroquinone 10 times, its security is higher and more stable, compared to the former not only non-toxic, non-irritating to skin, but also easily absorbed by skin, rarely use can present a beautiful white skin effect, is considered to be a very safe cosmetics whitening agent.
138-60-3 Chelidamic acid monohydrate

Appearance:gray or gay white solid
As a glutamic acid decarboxylase inhibitor, Chelidamic acid can be used as pharmaceutical intermediates and also used as cosmetic ingredients. Because of its anti-inflammatory, whitening effect.
149591-38-8 Pseudo-ceramide H
Pseudo-Ceramide H is a synthetic substitute with ceramide functionality, but is not at all a ceramide. Can be used as skin and hair moisturizer and active pharmaceutical ingredients.
3102-57-6 Ceramide

M.W: 341.53
cheese-like white solid
Ceramides are necessary for their water-retention capacity and adding them to a skincare product helps provide replenishing and restoring benefits.
557-61-9 1-Octacosanol

M.F: C28H58O
M.W: 410.77
White solid,
Octacosanol is the nutrition auxiliary, and the best additive for health products, cosmetics and food stuffs. Products with octacosanol is often made into tablet, pill, capsule, candy, chocolate, cake and drinks etc. Octacosanol has been well sold in the US and Japan for more than ten years. In 1996, sales volume of octacosanol reached 1 billion dollar. China's market of octacosanol is just being developed.
76656-81-0 Sinapoyl malate
M.F: C15H16O9
M.W: 340.28
Oil Liquid
UV-B Protectant and Sunscreen scream material.An essential UV-B screening agent in plants.sinapoyl malate displays anomalous spectral broadening extending well over 1000 cm−1 in the UV-B region, presenting the tantalizing prospect that nature’s selection of UV-B sunscreen is based in part on the inherent quantum mechanical features of its excited states.
59870-68-7 Glabridin
M.F: C20H20O4
M.W: 324.37
Yellow powder
Glabridin can penetrate inside the skin and maintain high activity and effective inhibition of melanin formation process of a variety of enzymes (such as the inhibition of tyrosinase) activity,it is a fast,efficient,safe,green skin lightening cosmetic additives.At the same time Glabridin prevent rough skin and also has anti-inflammatory,antibacterial effect.
770-05-8 Octopamine
M.F: C8H10ClNO2
M.W: 147.13
Yellow Crystalline Solid,
1. It is used as a slimming and potential weight loss agent.
2. It act as a neurohormone, neuromodulator,and a neurotransmitter in the human body.
13473-26-2 Solvent Red 48
M.F: C20H4BR4CI4O5
M.W: 785.67
White solid with a little yellow
Colorant,It is used as cosmetic colorant for lipstick D&C Red No. 27 Aluminum Lake is a drug and cosmetic synthetic dye.The FDA lists it as a safe additive for drugs and cosmetics as per FDA standards.In cosmetics, it can be used externally and in general cosmetics, including lipsticks and in cosmetics close to the eye other name:D&C Red No. 27 Aluminum Lake.