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​Dieckmann can provide custom synthesis and CRO service of various bio-chemistry compounds from mg to kg level for some clients’ bioscience research. We are committed to researching and developing these compounds with high synthesis technology, such as: bio-inhibitors, antibody adjuvants for antibody preparation,fluorescent probe molecular, and so on.





M.F: C19H40
M.W: 268.53
Pristane is used as protocols for antibody production.is used to precondition the peritoneal cavity of mice, prior to the induction of ascites fluid with myeloma cells. Pristane is used to induce plasmacytomas in mice as models of human myltiple myeloma.It induces a disease similar to lupus erythematosus in mice, making it useful for autoimmune studies. Pristane also induces arthritis in rats as a rodent model for the study of rheumatoid arthritis.
66612-29-1 ABEI


M.F: C14H20N4O2
M.W: 276.34
ABEI,Chemiluminescence reagent, efficient luminescence NH2 - coupling agent, used to detect a wide variety of proteins, and with the ability of picomole detection range, and has obvious advantage, compare with the traditional radiation immunity analysis method .
73166-28-6 Effusol

White Powder
It is extract from plant rushes ,Anti-cancer active ingredient
 137319-34-7 Dehydroeffusol

White powder
It is extract from plant rushes ,Anti-cancer active ingredient