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Product Name:Pristane
Appearance:Colorless liquid
CAS No.: 1921-70-6
Type: Life Science
Storage:Preserved in tightly sealed container at room temperature,avoid direct sunlight.
Shelf Time:Four years


Pristane is an kind of immunoactivating natural product, whch is widely used as non-antigen adjuvant for monoclonal antibody production in mouse ascite, and  also used as a rodent model for the study of rheumatoid arthritis by induces arthritis in rates.
Pristane is a saturated isoprenoid base on the chemical structure,have been found and isolated in the basking shark in 1948.

It can also be used into aviation lubricants and other lubricants with phytane.

Product Information:
Product name: Pristane
Synonyms: 2,6,10,14-Tetramethylpentadecane
CAS No: 1921-70-6
Molecular formula: C19H40
Molecular weight: 268.53
Appearance: Colorless liquid
Melting point: 298-300℃
Assay: >98% GC
Packing: 500ml/bottle, or packed on the clients' requirements.




1. Pristane is used as protocols for antibody production.is used to precondition the peritoneal cavity of mice, prior to the induction of ascites fluid with myeloma cells. At present, it is widely used as non-antigen adjuvant for monoclonal antibody production in mouse ascite

2. Pristane is used to induce plasmacytomas in mice as models of human myltiple myeloma. It induces a disease similar to lupus erythematosus in mice, making it useful for autoimmune studies.

3. Pristane also induces arthritis in rats as a rodent model for the study of rheumatoid arthritis.

Preparation Of Pristane:
1. Isolation from the basking shark
2. chemical synthesis
Because the basking shark, as a protection animal, was listed in Article II of the Washington Convention in 2002. that means, availability of pristane from natural sources by extraction from the basking shark has been limited. So chemical synthesis is the best choice for it.


The two largest marketing are American and Japan. Because the most of manufacturers of mono-clonal antibody has been concentrated in these two countries.
Manufacturer of pristane in China:

Dieckmann is the largest manufacturer in China, whom broken through the process of large scale production of pristane.

The high quality of pristane from the Dieckmann company will move your R&D and production forward.


Shelf Life:

2-3 Years Under RT.


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