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Product Name:GHK-Cu.HCI
Appearance:Bluish to bluish purple powder or crystalline powder
CAS No.: N/A
Type: Cosmetic Ingredient
Package:1kg/bag,10kg/drum or 25 kg/drum
Storage:Avoid light,sealed and keep in dry place
Shelf Time:Two years



GHK-Cu is a small molecule protein. It is a complex formed by the tripeptide GHK and copper ions spontaneously. It naturally exists in the body and participates in the body's metabolic process. In the 1970s, It was founded in the serum in blue color by American Dr. Loren Pickart, It also called blue copper peptide, tripeptide-1 copper. It is the earliest peptide discovered and is hailed as the gold in the peptide.

Copper ions are important message-transmitting substances in cell physiology. Because of its moderate ability to bind copper ions (log stability constant = 16.4),  GHK can transfer and exchange copper ions with specific receptors on the cell membrane to assist its entry cell. The copper ions in GHK-Cu can promote repair and reduce light damage. Tripeptide-1 (GHK) as a signal peptide can promote skin matrix synthesis. Reversing the time makes the young one step into place.


Advantages of the GHK-Cu: 
1. The absorption capacity of the GHK-Cu is much stronger than ordinary skin care products. Because GHK-Cu is a small molecule protein composed of amino acids, the small molecule protein is more easily absorbed by the skin.
2. GHK-Cu have Special effect, which can be used to treat wound scars, tighten skin and promote hair growth.
3. Suitable for different age. It can prevent skin aging for young people, and can relieve face dry lines and fine lines and can reduce the proliferation of wrinkles for middle-aged people.

1) Anti-wrinkle, improve skin elasticity
2) Strengthen repairing ability and firm skin
3) Skin regeneration
4) Promotes wound healing
5) Promotes hair growth

1) Promote wound healing and reduce scars
2) Inhibit the secretion of inflammatory factor IL-6 and eliminate inflammation
3) Promotes the growth of skin cuticle cells
4) Promote collagen synthesis and reduce wrinkles
5) By quenching the active carbonyl group, blocking ultraviolet rays to cause fatal skin damage
6) Enlarge hair follicles, accelerate hair growth

GHK-Cu added in skin care products best at ratio of: 0.05% ~ 0.2%, which is added in the final stage of cosmetics, the highest concentration is 0.5%.

Formula tips:
Water soluble, PH 5-7, added at temperature lower of 45℃ in the post-formulation stage, good compatibility, stable and no discoloration

It is widely used in the health care products of anti-aging for facial, body, eyes, face, neck care etc. also used for the postpartum stretch mark care products, hair growth products.


Sealed, Avoid light, long time stored at cool 2-8℃.


1kg/ Bag, 5kgs/ bag.

Shelf Life:  

2 Years



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