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Olive Cer-----Olive ceramide

Product Name:Olive Cer-----Olive ceramide
Appearance:White to light yellow powder
CAS No.: N/A
Type: Cosmetic ingredients
Storage:Sealed, avoid light and keep in 2-8 °C.
Shelf Time:Two years


Olive Cer-----Olive ceramide


Obtained COSMOS certification,  "Skin care all-round ceramide", which is olive ceramide prepared  from natural organic olive oil, which continues the advantages of olive  and ceramide, and provides  all-round skin care.

The first plant-derived ceramide.


(1) Olive Cer can inhibit the production of MMP-1 induced by UVB/UVA  and significantly resist photoaging.

(2) Olive Cer can reduce the  content of melanin and has excellent whitening effect.

(3) Olive Cer can inhibit elastase and improve skin elasticity.

(4) Olive Cer can promote cell proliferation and is extremely safe.

(5) Olive Cer can significantly reduce the expression of  L-6 in a dose-dependent manner, has a good anti-inflammatory effect, and can promote the repair of skin  damaged by inflammation.

(6) Olive Cer can scavenge DPPH free radicals at low  concentrations, and has outstanding anti-oxidation.


1. Liposolubility,heat (85°C-90°C) to dissolve;

2. Recommended dosage: 0.01-5%;

3. Avoid heating at high temperature for a long time to prevent discoloration; 

4. Compared with other ceramides, it has better compatibility with various  cosmetic raw materials;

5. PH is controlled at 5.5-7.0, add in the oil phase,participate in emulsification,  pay attention to fully dissolve.

Packaging & storage: 

Standard packing: 1kg/bottle; 

Shelf life: 2 years; 

Storage conditions: sealed and  stored away from light.


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